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Attic MoldTo provide the customer with “Affordable Peace of Mind” by compiling meaningful information about the presence of abnormal indoor mold, where it is located and how it can be removed. This information may also be useful for insurance claims and presentation to your appropriate medical professionals.

The purpose of the environmental assessments including visual observations, diagnostic readings & sampling is to gather data that can be used to scientifically map the indoor environment for indications that Mold reservoirs are present which can adversely effect the indoor fungal air quality of the building, vehicle, aircraft or yacht. The data will also indicate whether any suspect mold observed is actually mold.

Howard Newmark, CIEC, AIEH
Director of Building Science
State of Florida License #MRSA3

ACAC – Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
ACAC – CIEC Board Certification #0705033
IAQA – Membership #6305
IEAQC – Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienist
IEAQC – AIEH Accreditation #FL-0020


“A+” Better Business Bureau rating.
BBB Accredited Business
“A” rating on Angie’s List

Since 1998 – Howard Newmark has provided South Florida with comprehensive trouble shooting, assessments & consulting services relating to mold, bacteria, malodors and other indoor environmental conditions.

Since 1978 – Building science experience includes: hydrodynamics & irrigation, excavation & masonry, plumbing & drain – waste – vent, electrical systems, roofing systems & project management.

Approved by The State of Florida as a DBPR Mold Related Services course author and instructor.

University of Florida – Building Construction & Design

Continued Education seminars Attended (in addition to classes required to receive certifications):

  • Guest lecturer Miami Dade Community College, Building Sciences Curriculum, Subject: Building Leak Detection & Restoration equipment cleanliness verification
  • IAQA Microbial Environmental Sampling & Investigation Techniques
  • IAQA National Standards of Care for Indoor Environments
  • IAQA Fungal Assessments: Fungal Ecology & Count Comparison
  • IAQA Putting Quality Assurance into field sampling
  • IAQA Role of C.I.H. in Indoor Air Quality Investigations & Remediation with an Emphasis on Non-industrial setting
  • IAQA Mock Legal Trial including Depositions & Direct Examinations
  • IAQA Case Studies Utilizing World Wide Standards for Mold
  • IAQA Self-reported Symptoms & Indoor Mold
  • IAQA Forensic Evaluation of Mold as a construction defect
  • IAQA Indoor Air Quality/Mold Investigations from a Production Home Builder’s Perspective

Ongoing Continued Education is required by ACAC, IAQA & State of Florida DBPR.