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Mold & Allergen Sampling:

The collection and analysis of non-viable air and surface samples enables THE MOLD INSPECTOR to discover and report to you the condition of the indoor fungal ecology and its relationship to the indoor air quality.

Non-viable air samples via serial numbered spore traps. Non-viable surface samples via lift tape or swab stick. Non-viable dust samples collected via 25mm vacuum driven collection cassette.

Same day “RUSH” results are available.

Viable Sampling:

Viable fungal air samples are collected via vacuum driven agar coated Petri dish.

Viable fungal surface samples are collected via direct swab stick applied to agar coated Petri dish.

Viable bacterial samples are collected via air, water and/or surface samples. These samples are helpful in determining the presence of bacterium such as Legionella and/or sewage related contaminants.

Viable samples require an incubation period of approximately 3-14 days for laboratory analysis.

Inspection & Sampling:

Inspection & sampling procedures are typically determined during the initial telephone interview with the customer prior to the actual inspection and/or sampling. Information is typically obtained regarding the size & type of building, vehicle or vessel and who is occupying it currently. The primary reason for the inspection is also discussed which may include evidence of a recent water incident or building related symptoms such as eye & nose irritation, rhinitis, sinusitis, sore throat, skin rash etc.

Inspection and sampling procedures are also discussed during the telephone interview. The primary reason for the inspection and/or sampling is also discussed along with any special concerns the customer may have regarding IAQ & Mold.

Some examples of the state of the art scientific equipment used to collect data from the indoor environment as well as the outside environment are:

  • Electronic digital hygrometer
  • Infrared digital imaging camera
  • Electronic moisture detection probes
  • Laser thermometer
  • Digital laser particle counter
  • Volatile organic compound monitoring device (parts per billion)

The mold inspection/assessment includes detailed recommendations of how the customer can maintain and/or improve the indoor environmental hygiene based on the visual observations, diagnostic readings and sampling data collected during the indoor environmental investigation. The mold assessment report is intended to provide the Customer with specific mold remediation recommendations & a risk assessment (not medical advice) as well as other pertinent details such as nationally approved industry standards related to mold remediation & HVAC (air conditioning) systems.